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in PEOPLE in Britain will have experienced episodes of INSOMNIA at some point during their life.

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Findings of Medical Research 
Ÿ Pre-Sleep thought processes and behaviours are thought to play a significant role in insomnia

Ÿ Poor sleepers often exhibit higher states of stress and pre-sleep worry than normal sleepers

Ÿ Interventions that focus on alleviating stress and reframing worrisome and intrusive thoughts have shown promise in treating patients with insomnia

Ÿ Medical research has seen a link between continued mindfulness meditation practice and reduced insomnia...particularly in the amount of awake time and quality of sleep 

The Mindful Mind
Ÿ Meditation helps us see how distracted and unsettled our minds are

Ÿ Over time we can begin to recognise that our thoughts are just thoughts... lessening the tendency to get caught up in them and flit from one to another